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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Winter Head Gear Sneak Peek Plus Exciting Information About The Double Down

First of all, Eleven 81 (I typed in "Elven" 81 and chuckled. God, elves turn my giggle box upside down) overlord and emcee supreme Day-Day Carson handed me a couple sample pieces of winter headgear yesterday: A wintry-fleecey skull cap and a luxurious and somewhat breathable balaclava. It's still too early for this sort of apparel, but with their super-strong stitching and oh so subtle graphics, you'd be making a grave error in judgment if you didn't put these on your "things to stave off frostbite/death" checklist for the upcoming winter. Plus you know Day-Day will have these suckers rolling in after Interbike (give or take 6 months). Just sayin'...

A few posts ago, I mentioned the new KFC "Double Down" sandwich. Well I didn't mention it, I did the blog equivalent of laying prostrate before it like a supplicant at a holy altar begging for succor and a possible vascular de-cardiologizing. That's neither here nor there. But what is relevant to the "Double Down" and all them DD haterz out there (ya'll know who you is) is that there are far more disturbing sandwiches being dreamed up in the feculent recesses of junior high art students' brains. Behold the Clive Barker dreamscape of sandwiches (courtesy of this blog)...

1 comment:

Miss Jumper said...

Thanks for the shout out...but I teach high school you brainless twig face. You read that right.