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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bruce McCarthyisms for the AM

After rooting around in outside rep Bruce "Spruce Goose" McCarthy's Facebook and Twitter photos, The Blog found a few tasty morsels of Storck related ephemera. First, behold Bruce, New York super-rep Herb and Germaniac Markus celebrating a joint birthday. No touching!

There's nothing like a brutally hot, arid desert climate to help down mouthfuls of chocolate chip birthday cake! Second, Ian, Morgan and Smokey Mountain Red pose with the freakishly futuristic Aero 2! Carbon? Check. German engineering? Check. Tiagra brakes, Eleven 81 platform pedals and 7 speed cluster? Triple check! Hang on to your cardigan granny, the future is here and it's ready to give you a cycling spanking, granny style, from the future...

1 comment:

Hot Link said...

...Herb then spent the next three hours telling us which gigantic- cookie-pie place in NYC served up better confections than our gigantic-cookie-pie... Lovin' the blog, dude