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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Interpysche: i Did Not Attend

Well gentle reader, stories of Interbike debauch have been trickling in. The general theme has something to do with meeting people by coincidence, ingesting foodstuffs provided free of charge, and not having time to visit all the booths. After a cursory verbal survey of the purchasing department, it looks like Hawley might be adding a handful of very interesting vendors for 2010. Does the name GENERAL FREAKIN' MOTORS ring any bells? Just kidding, we didn't buy them but have profound admiration for the town that Robocop built (and subsequently destroyed). But enough about imaginary corporate acquisitions and Peter Weller. It appears Dave G. espied a Storck out west... on top of a ROLLS ROYCE!

Did The Blog just blow your mind? Carmen and Jose espied Dave J. from Jett and Mafia Racing and subsequently chowed down on hamburgers at Crossvegas. Then the Hawley crew espied the V'Kittens at the Thursday night crit race. They took the team overall for the season (I think). Lots of high fives and Andy slapping all around.

Eleven81 sponsored Team Mountain Khaki rider Mark Hekman won the US national Crit series overall. How about that? Pretty wacky! Big thanks to Bruce and Brittany for not knowing that I was lifting these photos from thier harddrive.

Brittany tries her first Bug Guts at Crossvegas. She is making the "I want to shoot myself in the head" hand gesture and not the Highlander "In the end there can be only one" gang sign:

Teenwolf exchanges paper money for goods and services... FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE:
Bob Roll and Andy, 5 seconds before the second best pepper spraying of 2009 occured:
The VK crew with Andy and Brittany.I think I see some Singleworks font in the background!
The Hawley Crew: L to R: Fibinacci the Mentalist, Nurse Flamingo, Spruce Goose, Knuckle Sandwich McGee, Lonnie the Landlubber From Another Dimension, Professor Radical The Woman Whose Hair Catches Fire:


Billy Fehr said...

RT @bobkeroll false gods las vegas, when we enslave ourselves with consumerism it is much easier to ignore the enslavement of others

listen to Bobke Andy....he knows.

Miss Jumper said...

I wish Grandpa Eric were here to tell us about the GOOD ole days of interbike.

Mister Fahrenheit said...

Anyone got a photo of Eric and Jef riding in the back of Glen's rented Cadillac?

...heading for Reno?

Those were the days.