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Friday, September 25, 2009

I CAN Go For That!

There are things that rock harder then most things rock-related. The Melvins for example. Van Halen. Eric B and Rakim for sure. But there are few musical acts who bring the rock force, the energy harder and more in your face than Hall and Oates. Those who know the Blog know what position on the "legends ladder" these folk hold. OK, not as high as "Ram"-era McCartney or Stewart-era Faces but they're up there in the superstar pantheon! So imagine my Roger Rabbit-styled bug eyed surprise when warehouse receiving hombre Chris Maret gives me a bona fide Hall & Oates tour belt buckle! One hundred percent pewter and 1000 percent brain collapsing. There is no point to this post except for showing off this piece of rock history for all the stumblebums lazing about at Interbike. Soak it in folks, "It don't get no better"! Have a frank and productive weekend. We shall see you Monday...


dwight yoakam said...

Oates also happens to be a rippin' tele skier.

Miss Jumper said...


Spiritof76 said...

It pleases me that the Melvins have found their way into the upper echelons of the Sir Lord Kenneth " Koolatta" Klatte Standardized musical echeloning system.( Not to be confused with the sadly outmoded library file card Dewey Decimal System) As a longtime longhaul fan of theirs it made my day. Enjoy your buckle, but watchout watchout watchout watchout! Whoa here she comes. She is a maneater.