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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AT-AT A Boy!

This type of nerdiness yet sublime cute-inosity deserves to be shared with the unwashed rabble who peruse these electronic missives over their morning bowl of watery gruel before they trudge off to their particular occupation, flogging beggars or rinsing filthy shreds of rags for pennies (we're looking right at you Dicky and Billy). I try not to think of it as it upsets the bile... Further bilious cuteness may be found here, here, but certainly not here. Did I mention we have a motherload of colorful Sugino track goodness in stock now? It matters not; it is not an AT-AT...


Spiritof76 said...

good show old boy.

brado1 said...

Great Photo!

spokejunky said...

Pew pew. I had one of those with a snow speeder. The little grappling hook that you could wrap around the legs and drag on the floor. Good things, good things.