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Friday, March 06, 2009


... belongs to new Service Center technician Jeremy Edge! Jeremy comes to us from Athens, GA. His favorite color is autumn and his favorite food is energy! He collects ant farms, has two sets of eyelids, like a cat, and teaches a scimitar defense class on the weekends. Jeremy also races mountain bicycles for Terrapin Beer Racing, formerly known as Wake N Bake. He is a nice fellow whose professionalism and alacrity will be a welcome change from the never-ending stream of foul-mouthed abuse and juvenile buffoonery of Ian "I Can't Believe I Slept In My Own Vomit" Foyster.One water bottle, one coffee mug! Now that's synergy!Oh wait, this bottle says Perpetuem. That's the stuff that turned Brandon's colon into a soft serve ice cream dispenser.XTR pedals on a Dura Ace crankset! The Blog approves!A random skull decal! More approval! This guy thinks like somebody with two sets of eyelids!Looks like he's rockin' the Nathan Cyclops on the handlebar...And the seat post! What's up with all the mud? Where is there mud on Jeremy's commuter route? Has he discovered a secret patch of single track and is keeping it all to himself? We have ways of extracting information young man. Ever been locked in a closet with Andy Hale for 20 minutes? Perhaps that will loosen your tongue!

1 comment:

dwight yoakam said...

i guessing that was directed at my colon? i'm not aware of any current brandon of hawley co fame . . .

keep up the good work, young kenneth!