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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Sighing Unicorn? Ironic Nun Haggis?

Nope! Sugino chain ring! Mentioned in yesterday's post, we're getting all things Sugino in stock from the land of the Rising Sun... and it couldn't be a moment too soon as the track butterflies are starting to emerge from their winter cocoons in search of fresh new track gear to flaunt at the velodrome, much like a Monarch flaunts its garish wings during the aerial stage of its reproduction cycle. Shown are the 42 tooth "Messenger" rings so uh, yeah, not sure how much good they'd be on the velodrome or on the mean streets of messengerville, but they'll aid you in your reproduction cycle, sicko. What do you think, adrogynous Sram Red ninja?


spokejunky said...

Rings? Nay, nay...they're shuriken. It's the way those crazy Japanese are shipping weapons in to overthrow us.

Adam said...

you really think so?

No Brakes Bikes said...

Finally! We are so stoked!

MM said...