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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dave Carson: Taiwan Update (Made Skillz)

Just received this disturbing email from Dave and Brian:
"Hi Guy!
Taiwan is still great! Day 2 was full of meet and greets, a complimentary showing of "You, Me and Dupree" and more coffee. After a few pots at breakfast, we met the Taiwanese finance minister. He spoke with me about exports but all I heard was "Coffee, coffee, coffee!" Then I made some of my own lemonade on the sidewalk because I had too much of that delicious coffee! Just kidding, you can never have enough coffee! OK, bye bye!
Day-Day Carson

PS- Brian is still being detained and I got a tattoo across my chest that says "Caf-fiend". Don't tell Linda or I'll cut you, pretty boy."

It's a shame Dave is in Taiwan because we just got in our FIRST shipment of Singleworks track bar grips. They come in black, but Dave gave in to peer pressure in addition to the chorus of angry voices in his head, and ordered blue, red, orange and green. These grips are 30 percent "grippier" than last year's Singleworks grips, but are the same low price! Now that's value you can't shake a stick at! Unless it's a "great value" stick, which doesn't exist, so you're a freaking liar.
In other important track cycling news, acquaint thyself:

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Spiritof76 said...

You lost me at "great value stick".