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Friday, March 13, 2009

Shimano 'Lectronics

Shimano popped in for a quick show and tell with the Inside Sales crew. They had the new 2009 Shimano Electronic road group for show and had tons of juicy Shimano gossip for tell! The Blog didn't get wind of the top secret test rides until the very end so the pics leave much to be desired. Get a load of that crummy Scott! We should get Shimano on Storcks! Everybody wins! Everybody!!!

Colin comes back from his test ride. The self professed "Safest Man Earth" rides without a helmet! Tssk tssk.Nice slippers! Is this what passes for "appropriate footwear"???Clicky pic to enhance your viewing pleasure. Make big! Make big! See Shimano!
(The Blog was given a quick turn on this new "system" and it was one of the strangest bike riding experiences of my life! So smooth, so easy, so many beeps! It was a little TOO easy. Try as you like Shimano, you won't turn The Blog or his family into worker drone robots for your Dura Ace factory!)

1 comment:

Spankye said...

Yawn...I rode that stuff like 4 years ago. Next.