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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tai-wanton Disregard For Human Life: Teenagers Suck

The Blog almost fell asleep on its ride into work this morning. Luckily, the car full of high school ne'er do wells did their best to wake me from my somnambulance as they buzzed by with a honk followed by obscenities (well, a naughty word screamed twice) from the rolled down window. You rascally kids! Got to love 'em! Oh well, they're the future so we're all doomed. Doomed I tell you! But The Blog digresses...Dave and Brian brought some goodies back from Taiwan. One of these "goodies" is a handlebar stereo system from our good friends (they are faceless strangers to us) at Tommyca. Instead of riding with pesky ear buds or studio headphones (reference above photo), the Tommyca pumps out smooth bass and piercing treble entertaining rider and passerby alike! Best of all, it plays your mp3s, FM radio, internal 2 GB storage, usb compatible for recharging and LED lights with 6 hour playback (with the lights on!) for those twilight shenannigans. Biz Markie's "The Biz Never Sleeps" not included, but highly recommended.

Looks like a phone! A banana phone!

LED lights on the front for visibility!

Handlebar bracket!
There can be no doubt, you shall see this attached to Ole Blue's handlebars at various watering holes around town in the near future

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spokejunky said...

Nah, I'll stick with my rollin' Juliard. Don't hate.