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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunny Day Wheel Estate

Sunday saw the temps in the upper 60s, zero humidity, lots of sunshine and a refreshing if not somewhat stiff breeze. A week full of rain meant Harbison was off limits and road riding seemed unpalatable. Thus, all options pointed to taking Ole Blue out for some city riding, picture taking, bell ringing, hand waving and some I-Pod listening (New Mastodon Record!!!). Good weather means everybody will be out riding and today was no different. I didn't get any "action" shots but saw a few interesting bicycles resting comfortably, one of them will most surely enrage Kyle, especially when I tell him it was parked outside and is in fact owned by an American Apparel flunky, err I mean employee who will probably not be throwing down at the velodrome any time soon after a quick conversation with a cigarette puffing waif who eyed my John Deere hat with disdain and suspicion. One cigarette equals one third of a meal for those not in the know...

An interesting green singlespeed outside the USC art department. Lots of good lock spots around but the trash can's odor was too inviting to this rider! Yummers!

It's such a nice day, somebody is building a bike outside! Perhaps this frame came from First Flight Bikes? Hmmmmmm???

Two singlepseeds caught in the middle of reproducing. We are indeed lucky to be witnessing this disgusting act!

Rocking the Planet Bike light. This shall please Sandy.

A raw frame rambler parked outside the Nickelodeon. Nice handlebar tape!

The American Apparel bike in all its glory!!!


McNasty said...

nothing like skidding around town on your tufo tubular and rocking gears on the front wheel.... hipsters... sheesh

MM said...

If you make another post with this much hipster FAIL, I will roll by your house and remove your heart with a spoon!
Why a spoon?
Because it'll huuurrttt!

joshie said...

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Plagiarist.

Anonymous said...

The first hipster bike still has a dork disk even though I don't know if a bike wearing only one cog needs such protection for its spokes.