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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MTB Act-shunned: Your Camera Has Stolen My Soul, Good Sir

Yesterday's post was concerned with Billy's new header image. It had a Hawley catalog and a cute lil' puppers so The Blog was distracted to no end! Because of said distraction, this weekend's mountain bike ride was neglected. Perhaps the neglect was good as the ride itself was nothing extraordinary, but perhaps the lack of "extraordinariness" made the ride all the more palpable (palatable), if not satisfying? Herb Mantel, the pride of Fort Mill and former bmx sparring partner of Tinker Juarez (for realz!) dragged The Blog all around Harbison State Forest for a couple hours. After bidding adieu to Herb, The Blog went back to retrieve a Craft glove dropped on the trail. As luck would have it, The Blog rolled up on a visibly angry Teenwolf. His headphones appeared to be giving him trouble. Freaking roadie, wearing an Astana kit on the dirt?!?!? Roll down the trail and look who shows up but local man-about-town Toby Porter! Toby chats a bit, shows off his Vicious fork (yes, we sell them, in addition to their pint glasses, shot glasses and water bottles. If you want a frame, you're gonna have to call them), his Ergons and proceeds down the trail in search of Teenwolf. Thats a pretty aggressive pose, young Toby!

A few more minutes of riding and up rolls Jim Snyder, the secret shame of the purchasing department (or as Dave calls him, "Daddy's Lil' Secret")! Jim is getting a few hours of secret training in for the Grind on the Greenway race in April. The Blog is content to let Jim continue his ride as the legs and arms are in the red zone. By the way, Jim is sporting the 661 Evo glove with D30 technology... whatever that means!

A primitive rock formation left by our alien overlords centuries ago. When they return, will they be bearing gifts, or weapons of unimaginable power? That is unclear, but their rock structures suck.

Some lovely singletrack next to a creek. This is the kind of trail Eric at Cane Creek always complains about NOT having in Asheville. I guess Pisgah isn't good eough for Mr. 110...

Sumptuous singletrack next to the Broad River. The Blog had the pleasure of being in a short-lived rap group called Broad River Playaz in 2001. We named ourselves after the meandering river and the colorful local history it evoked. Also, we rented an underwater superfortress at its headwaters.

What's left of the rock garden on Spiderwoman Trail. You stupid joggers! You ruined it for everybody. When our alien overlords come back, we'll volunteer you first for the nutrient vats and slave labor colonies in the Magellanic Clouds. Then we'll see who's laughing and who's having their brains and anuses removed and subsequently switched for alien "research"...

(the procedure described above is known as "gettin' a Brainus". Most unpleasant)


KB said...

I know at least one Hawley employee who trail runs at Harbison - will he be spared the "brainus" procedure or get volunteered first?

Adam said...

Jim has a 29er. Way to spread the gospel, good sir.

Hey y'all, come visit DC wif yo bikes sometime. We'll visit Mecca: http://www.more-mtb.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1214

joshie said...

I'm not strong enough nor willing to run spiderwoman. Brainus averted. Phew!

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Adam, keep your radical Islamic hate speech to your robot self.

KB, keep your radical hippy hate speech to yourself!

Joshie, your impending brainus can't be avoided.

Adam said...

I've got your radical Islamic hate speech RIGHT HERE.