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Friday, March 20, 2009

Craft Sneak Peek, Pake Sneak Peek and Dave Is a Crime Against Nature

It's a slow, dog-dangling Friday afternoon but that doesn't mean we can't show you the new and somewhat exciting plum purple hoodie from Scandinavian geniuses, CRAFT! With Andy out of town on Storck related business, Brittknee demanded some "sweet precious blog time". Since our mannequin is MIA, we killed two birds with stone and acquiesced to Brit'nee's demands while at the same time scoring some images for next year's catalog.In Pake related news, looks like next month's Masterlink could-may-might just have a delicious COMPLETE Pake commuter bike build for dealers of discerning taste and impeccable judgement. What do you get for your customer who has everything? A jewel encrusted brandy snifter? A monocle that sees the future? An opera hat made from the silk of an enchanted spider? A walking stick carved from the horn of a Narwhale? A You, Me and Dupree collector's DVD? Nay gentle reader, you get them a Pake and then tell them to "quit carpin!" Please review these enhanced images for your enhancement.
Jose puts the final touches on her: he scratches "Jose Is Sexy" on the downtube:
Here she is outside in the hot sun. Notice the Campy Veloce group! Now that's Italian!Here she is, indoors, concentrating like crazy! The fluorescent lights make her color a little more yellow than intended, and a little lighter, but that's showbiz for you. Mind your own business.Here's a little something to tide you over for the weekend: Dave Carson, Siamese Cat


KB said...

Sometimes it's hard to believe that you are a paid employee, Mr. Blog.

spokejunky said...

How cute...it's Mr. Bigglesworth.

Miss Jumper said...

Your use of the word "craft" in this post title mislead me into thinking that there would be yarn and glitter involved. You are a fibber. Also, Dave is a god.

Spiritof76 said...

It is uncanny how much dave looks like my own siamese cat Blitzy.