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Friday, March 27, 2009

Dave Carson: "There Will Be Blood"


Got a chilling email last night from Dave. In a nutshell, the purchasing guru is displeased with his blog appearances in a) a groin-strangling harness surrounded by a panda b) the form of a naughty Siamese cat. Dave said he will have his revenge and that my life is about as worthless as a Salsa cromoto S.U.L stem. Please Dave, The Blog only made those images as tribute, as celebration of your glorious and Olympian stature in this office of miserable cephalopods! Let The Blog make it up to you! I'll clean your litter box out for the rest of the year! Catnip flavored coffee? A tasty ball of yarn to tumble around with??? Speaking of kittens, Vanderkitten are riding their Storcks in the Redlands Bicycle Classic. Not sure how the ladies are doing but Siamese cat Dave is pulling for you! Hopefully we'll be getting Vanderkitten "kits"(!) in stock in the near future. The blog is looking forward to slipping its sinewy six foot nine frame into a pair of small women's bibs. Oh yeah! Inappropriate!One of the Kittens chases down another racer at the Redlands prologue


dicky said...

Nice dig on the other guy.

Woot woot for "messenger" rings. those would go well with my "messenger" shorts and my "messenger" bag.

Billy said...

Hey bastard, are you trying to get Hawley to send you one of those rings? Your comment is an encrypted subliminal message to those nice folks at the HDC that you actually 'need' one of those rings, isn't it?

Spiritof76 said...

you misspelled cephalopod