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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Do You Want That Retina Seared Or Pan Fried?

Last night held the wonders of rehearsing for a performance that will, sadly, be "phoned in" as they say in "the business". Succinctly: A sound check followed by a brief run through and a stage light that was of retina-searing intensity (picture 2). The anonymous band we performed with were gentle folk of polite manners and posture that befits our social betters, yet The Blog was bored out of its mind and because of this boredom and an empty, growling stomach, began to resent the nice band folk and their well-fed, belt stretching bellies full of bourgeois comestibles like tarted pheasant and roasted indentured servant. But what has this to do with the cycling industry? Nothing. However, it will provide an opportunity to use the Planet Bike Spot micro headlight within the ill-lit confines of the Koger Center at tonight's performance. Experiment results shall be posted tomorrow. Oh yes, before The Blog returns to flogging a cockney boot black for scuffing insolence, a brief reminder that Thomson replacement face plates are in stock for the Thomsonphile in your life. Huzzah! Huzzah!

Snapped while playing so forgive the abstractness of the images. Pay attention to the blue light:Stem face plates! Am I the only person excited to have these in stock???

1 comment:

spokejunky said...

Seared please with a bit of au jous.