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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DUI: Driving Under The Influenza

Still floating in the flu-ether. I see a light! It's so bright! Is that my great-great grandfather? And look, there's Dale Earnhardt, Biggie Smalls, and Charles Nelson Reilly shooting dice together! What is that heavenly music? Foreigner? Air Supply?....

In all seriousness, The Blog ran out of "Flu food" so a quick run to the store produced more soup, more orange juice, more bananas, and this little fella who was marked down to a measly 69 cents: Apparently, the new King Size is so large, it kept bisecting itself under its own girth so the good people at Butterfingers shrugged their shoulders and started packing two separate candy bars into one wrapper. It is genius. You treat the first bar like an appetizer, soup, and salad. The second bar is your main course, dessert and appertif. I was reminded of the nutritional aspects of candy bars and cycling after perusing Kent Peterson's blog (which I hadn't visited in quite a while). Kent is a huge fan of Payday candy bars in place of Clif Bars or the usual cycling food. He also did the Great Divide on a single speed so he's done the research. More importantly, please check out the unique 4 speed set-up on his buddy's ride. That is all.

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