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Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Ramblings From Dave Plus Assorted Odds and Ends

Dave and Brian Taiwan update:
"Hi Guy!
Day 3 in Taiwan and I gotta tell ya, I've never had so much coffee! After a quick meeting with Ritchey and then a tour of a factory that makes edible saddles, I strapped myself into my new coffee assimilation harness. It frees up the kidneys and belly for coffee while keeping the spine straight! I wore it out last night and it caused quite the buzz. Then I got arrested but that has nothing to do with anything! I visited Mai-Ling at the Taiwan zoo. She tried to drink my coffee so I body-slammed her! Serious ya'll!

Hugs and kissy kissy,
PS- Brian has flown the coop"

Dave is the man behind Eleven81 product line so it would please the big guy immensely to find out that a pro road team is running Eleven81 stems, handlebars and seat posts! And not just running them, but winnng on them! And not just winning on them, but dominating on them! Please read about domination at the Team Mountain Khakis website. I know, the name is a puzzler but what can you do?