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Monday, April 27, 2009

Athens, GA Twilight Crit 2009

(Many thanks to the Vanderkitten team for autographing Mimi's headshot. And yes, I don't know what "that's my pot pie" means either, but it sounds succulent!)
This past weekend saw the return of the Athens Twilight Crit to uh, Athens! This also marked the 2009 debut of Storck power couple Brittany Smith and Andy (Name Withheld) on the National Crit series scene in tow with the Vanderkitten race team astride their Absolutists.

(l ro r: Vanderkitten, Mandersmitten, Vanderkitten)
It also marked the debut of Hawley Fauntleroy Kyle McNamee at the Athens Crit, where he FAILED to qualify for the evening race, but SUCCEEDED in avoiding the big wrecks and from what I understand had a very respectable finish. Also in tow were lots of good Hawley folk including the big boss man himself (no, not Troy Whelan (inside sails, rigging), although he was there and was universally loved by all). The Blog was stuck in Columbia gigging and doing much needed laundry instead of attending the festivities so that means details, well a basic narrative or vague synopsis are nowhere to be found. much like a Paul Auster novel...

I did cull a few pictures in addition to some blurry/dim video footage from here and there to satiate your curiosity. Oh yeah, Joshie, Teenwolf and Brantley did a metric century ride in Aiken but those details are also sketchy at best. Joshie said the last he saw of Brantley was at Mile 16 when a Checker Cab pulled alongside the old man and in one deft move, Brantley threw down his half-eaten bag of pork rinds, lept from his bike through the open backdoor and screamed "Driver, take me to the nearest hospital! My heart stopped beating twenty minutes ago!" The old man's still got it!!!

("What's this on my top tube? 'Andy Hale Rulez!'??")


Billy said...

Great still imagery from the Crytickulim! I'm very happy that you now have 13 followers, 2 more than I, altho(conjunction of although)mine look crazier than yours....

spokejunky said...

Garshk. I'm Vandersmitten.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

we appreciate your Candorwittin'