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Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter Folks: Muppet Friday

Chris from WTB was in town yesterday to show the sales staff some of the new offerings for 2009. Tires, saddles and a hooded, crotchless unitard dubbed simply "Casual WEIR" (by the way Chris, I just copyrighted that so if WTB wants it for their clothing line, it'll cost you). A group ride followed after work that allowed Chris to release his pent up business traveler's aggression on some midland's sand and roots. Best part about the ride was the impromptu Wonder Twins combining of Jim Snyder and Chris for this weekend's Grind on the Greenway race. "Form of a bucket of water! Form of a banana peel!" May the force be with ya'll...

Chris surreptitiously ganks Will's wonderful multitool. By the way Chris, it's TOOL1519 in the catalog. Feel free to have your IBD order a half dozen for you and your family...

1 comment:

KB said...

does kyle refuse to wear his hoffenchard kit? i think the only times i've seen him in it are at social gatherings in someone's living room with a tall boy in hand. seriously, i didn't mean it when i said it makes him look fat.