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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dyno-mite!! This Has Little To No Jimmy Walker Content

Jimmy Walker invented the Shock Dyno during a hiatus from "Good Times" in 1978: He was living in a flat in North London pushing the limits of suspension technology when he befriended a hapless, curry-smeared cockney pickpocket named Ian Foyster. After several attempts, Jimmy was able to decipher Ian's slurred warbling and took the young boy under his wing, showing him the limitless panoply of all things suspension. Then Jimmy Walker stole Ian's wallet and came back to America, appearing months later on the cover of TV Guide as "Comedy's Biggest Star" while a wallet-less Ian Foyster danced in Coventry garden for shillings and scraps of herring carcass, toiling away at night by candle light on a homemade Shock Dyno constructed from shillings and scraps of herring carcass, subsisting only on a burning hatred of "Good Times" and its all too catchy theme song. Fastforward to the present day and behold Ian's non-homemade Shock Dyno pummeling the hell out of a shock....

By the way, in case you were wondering, Ian's Gal Friday, Jeremy Edge, has been burning up the local race scene. After a Georgia State Championship race in Macon, Jeremy pulled himself together and managed a FOURTH place in the semi-pro field at the SERC race in Tsali. Jeremy was needlessly "blocked" by a knucklehead towards the end of the race which cost him third place and a valuable parting gift.

A competitor gets the "inside line" on Jeremy, racer lingo for "proposes marriage"

Jeremy starts in the middle of the field for Tsali after missing the height requirement:

Jeremy raises the roof at the never-ending podium party...

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