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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Banded In A.D.

Well, Accounting Department, but nevertheless, Jim (purchasing-ing) is in fact banned from accounting for the duration of the known universe, alternate universes excluded (except for "Neverending Candy Bowl Universe"). Jim said that which must not be spoken of. Then Karen had a few choice words for Jim and then the sign was erected (taped). In an effort to diffuse the situation, The Blog offers a quick glance at Jeremy's team bike for this season. The paint job is similar to Karen, subdued and wonderful!!! Red Bank foreva suckas!!!

A little Cane Creek 110 action + A little Thomson action = Guzizzah dilznoofus!

A little I-9 action + A little Sram action + A little Hayes action = Booyah!!!

A little Ergon action + A little Manitou action + Blue Jagwire housing = Potential Time Machine


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spokejunky said...

I think I just wet myself. Excuse me.