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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Shock Clockin' Beats

Quick post today. Well, less of a post and more of a general announcement. Ian and Jeremy in the Service Center are the proud parents (don't ask, but their love is beyond anything you or I can possibly comprehend) of a Shock Clock! Simply put, the Shock Clock uses an Ultrasonic Acoustic Wave-Guide Transducer (UAWG) which transmits high frequency sound waves down the inside of a telescoping wave-guide tube. The sound wave bounces off the top of a piston mounted to the lower tube and returns to the transducer (like sonar). The distance is calculated within 0.5 mm, 240 times per second, developed and patented to give riders an advantage on the track or trail. So for real time, real riding stats, nothing beats or looks quite as retro as a Shock Clock. Does it not resemble an NES controller?

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