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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Harbison MTB Race, 4-19

People showed, people raced, people won 12 dollars, people won 10 dollars. Somebody got a water bottle. The results are of no interest. What is of interest is Jose Texidor (international sales) showing up after hedging all week and throwing his hat into the Sport 40+ ring. JT dominated the microphone with his lyrical techniques then retired to Shaolin Manor for the evening. I don't remember seeing him on his bike but that could be the ether talking...

Will's aggressive passing style for this race is most definitely inappropriate, touching tires with Will Black's ole lady!

69er, 26er and 29er in the pro "field"

Greatest number plate ever!

Jeremy lends Jose a hand. Job well done JT! Kudos to you and your bad self!

1 comment:

dwight yoakam said...

rumor is that the ole blog finished 3rd aboard the Unit . . .

three huzzahs