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Friday, April 24, 2009

For Your Consideration

It's Friday. Whooo? The Blog is an exhausted, somehwhat sleep deprived pile of puke stemming from a late night gig that turned into a clambake (mistake riddled performance; Mike Watt) of epic proportions. Must've sweated something like 5 liters. Dear lord, it was awful. We call them "character builder" gigs around here. Anyhoo, Kyle caught the crit bug and has decided to drive down to Athens to throw down in some Twilight qualifying Saturday morning. Hopefully he and Jeremy will get a chance to hob nob with the Vanderkitten racers at Friday night's meet and greet AND secure an autographed photo of The Blog's beloved Mimi. How I love her so. She's a tuxedo cat! How can Vanderkitten turn down the request???

1) Liz Hatch video masquerading as a Vanderkitten invite with some Storck footage (courtesy of Storck braintrust: Dave Goeppner):
2) Radical "tacosaurus" from former Hawley stooge Brandon, now bothering good mountain folk in and around the Lake Tahoe area:

3) Potential Eleven 81 full finger glove design. I think I smell a lawsuit! This is indeed... your left.


spokejunky said...

Watch out for the manhole cover in turn 3 at the qualifier. It's claimed many-a-unwary rider.

dwight yoakam said...

blog, i forgot to tell you that my good friend christian used to hang out with Mike Watt back in the day.

christian's roomie used to write for a local 'zine in santa cruz so they'd always have musicians hanging in the house doing interviews and such. Mike Watt was especially honored to sign a piece of trash that christian found laying around.

thought you'd enjoy.