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Monday, April 20, 2009

Chocolate Nascar Replicants!

(A quick note: Don't listen to Portishead during your warm-up before an XC race. It'll just make you depressed and kinda sexy. Seriously, straight out of Will Black's mouth.)

It is with heavy heart and even heavier colon that The Blog must inform you gentle readers that the traveling human side show known as Andy Hale has officially left the building. The Storck Extravaganza World Domination Tour beckons so the smokey mountain chicken has flown the corporate coop, with Smokey Mountain Red in tow in a Storck-packed mystery machine. The Blog shall miss Andy's daily onslaught of "Hey, hey...hey" with the requisite shoulder tap and his colorful vernacular that pushed the limits of logic and good taste ("berries all in my tum tum"???). Conjointly, we're throwing a huge "Bon Voyage Andy" party tonight downtown. You're all invited. We'll have cake, pie, soda, candy, backgammon, harpsichord recitals, poetry recitations and it's all free, free free! Plus you get a commemorative unnecessary leg or arm tattoo of a cycling logo of our choice! Might The Blog suggest "Syntace Rulz!" or the always popular chain ring with a heart or pentagram in the middle? Classy! So put down your sardine tin harmonicas and your lima bean can coffee mugs you slack-jawed hayseeds and direct your ulcered corneas in the direction of the requisite daguerreotypes! (Andy's words, not mine)

Andy hands out Chocolate Nascar replica certificates of achievement to inside sales staff, feel the love:

Andy's ONLY commute in to work by bicycle! He displayed it proudly above his desk:

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