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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scattershot Thursday

A deafening headache, deafening=1 level higher in headache intensity than blinding, took hold of The Blog's cranium for the first part of the morning. Perhaps it was the ride into work? Naw. Maybe the I-Pod was turned up too loud? Nay. Wednesday night "Lost" trepanning session? Perhaps, but no. For the first time in a while, The Blog forgot to make and then consume its customary pot of coffee this morning. Problem solved, crisis averted, cranium explosion delayed. Speaking of coffee, we gots a new brand for 2009: Cafe:ine!!! Proceeds go to cycling related causes! It's win-win people!

In other randomosity, The Blog was glancing at this week's Sea Otter start list and noticed a couple big guns from across the ocean are showing up. The Blog also noticed an old timer (relatively speaking) is also towing the line. This discovery proved to be serendipitous as Steve Larsen greets the blog everyday outside the primary breakroom (BK Alpha).

Two "cycling" related links and one "funeral" related link to check out, all Jose Texidor approved, for your pleasure!

Radical Cycling Clothing!

Invisible Celebrity Bicycles!

British Funeral Music!

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Made in U.S.A. BABY!!!