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Friday, April 03, 2009

Chuck Norse, Jennifer Connelly and Canadian Separatist Sewing Circles

Friday partially derives its name from the Norse goddess Frigg. What does this have to do with Malawian officials denying Madonna's adoption of a 3 year old? Everything and nothing! As we say at the Hawley Company, Norse Goddesses and Malawian three year-olds make bad company. Speaking of Bad Company, a few bike notes. Colin's frame from First Flight is repainted and now sits in the office, built and ready for "riding". Acquaint thyself with the strangeness and the mystery:

Look at Colin's Pedro's Ethik seat bag! It's made from recycled material, sewn in co-ops in Quebec (seriously) and is partially edible. We just got these in for 2009 and they're causing quite the commotion (cue cricket noises and tumbleweed)

Colin's custom Eno crankset with a 24 tooth chainring? Egads.

Oh how nice, Oury grips! I should beat the Dutch out of you!

Lizard Skins action... made from recycled lizards. For every Lizard Skin product you buy, Sandy (our Lizard Skins purchaser) thinks about her schnauzers, and the love generated from these unconditional emotions powers the office's lights and printers.

Obligatory Jennifer Connelly sticker on the top tube. Curious to see more of Jennifer Connelly? The blog recommends these movies...

Another bike note (tidbit? Shut up.): Kyle's replacement frame showed up and is now donning pink bar tape (Cinelli) with even pinker Sram hoods! Did you know we carried pink ("Touchin' Cotton Candy") Sram hoods? I know, me neither. But in case you were wondering how they looked, feast your eyes upon an abomination! A wonderful, happenin', jazz-handy abomination! Black hoods are zzzzzzzz....

(The Sram pink tape matches the hoods perfectly, but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do)

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