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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Last night I had a dream that I was rummaging through my parts bin for a cog to throw onto my new American Classic 29er wheels. I couldn't think, the mind was a hazy blur, a Peter Gabriel video on crack, so I disrobed and chicken danced my way over to the 24 hour Bojangles. Being naked and furiously chicken-dancing, I blended right in. I ordered a cornpone biscuit and a glass of possum pee. Drank the possum pee in one gulp and then bit into my biscuit only to discover the delicious cornpone patty had been replaced with a shiny 19 tooth cog with the words "Singleworks" etched into it. While scratching my head and moonwalking out the door, Dave Carson fluttered by, the head of a man on a monarch butterfly's thorax, whispering "Soon guy, soon... guy....guy...guy...guy" Then I woke up...AT WORK! NAKED! Then I woke up for real! Then I came into work and saw that the brand freaking ("spanking" if you prefer) new Singleworks single speed cogs had just arrived! 14 tooth to 22 tooth, all the colors of the rainbow to satisfy even the most diehard luddites. I have seen the future, and it is now! Then Dave walked by, coffee mug in hand and said "Put some clothes on guy!" BAAAHHH! Worst day ever!

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