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Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekend Shennanigans! Now with 10 Percent More Mustache

(A perturbed Teenwolf waits for the start of the Cooper River Bridge Run)
This weekend was full of wacky, fun, exciting happenings involving Hawley folk of all shapes and sizes! Saturday saw Joshie and Brittney squaring off at the Cooper River Bridge Run. Brittany gapped Josh at the start and was able to hold on for a 3 minute margin. Brit'ney said "she owned everybody at that race" and she "looks forward to emasculating Joshie at another race in the near future". Then Derrick took the whiskey bottle out of her hand and told her to go home. She flipped over a desk on her way out... my desk! In addition to Hawley folk being involved in non-cycling competition, Kyle "involved" himself in cycling competition, the annual "Crack" Rock Hill crit in scenic Rock Hill, SC. Racing lobo solo, Kyle relied on his quick thinking and moxy and found himself sprinting to a second place finish. To quote Kyle "I shoulda won... easily" Moxy!

Not to be outdone in the moxy department, Colin headed to the bucolic splendor of Clemson for their downhill race. The pride of inside sales rode the Kona Stinky to a third place, gnar-shredding all the way down! For more pics of the DH race, check out Brado's blog for super-hot action.

Sunday was a big Hawley group ride with special guest Toby P. As usual, Troy disappeared. We're riding along and then we look around and Troy is gone, ghosted... special ops style. Eric speculated Troy had become a feral manimal, shredding his kit, living off carrion and poisonous berries, sleeping on a bed of pine straw under the stars . After fifteen minutes of looking for Troy, we shrugged our shoulders and continued the fun but muddy ride. Toyota player of the game? Joshie on his '99 Rockhopper ss!

Eric shrugs his shoulders. "Troy is dead people. Get over it."

If you ride at Harbison, you need a bell on your bar. Might The Blog suggest the Mirrycle brass duet? Two dings, well a ding followed by a dong alerts dog walkers to your imminent arrival. It is THE best bell for mountain biking. The Blog likes to ding along to his I-Pod on occasion. Never ding along to Anita Ward's "Ring My Bell" as it is distasteful and makes your ironic intentions painfully obvious.

Not-so-young lovers search for Troy. The Blog sees Troy, can you???

The Kona coated in mud. We're all thinking about the scene with a mud-coated Arnold hiding from Predator so here are some essential viewings: UNI-CORN BAR-BE-CUE!

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