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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Vandersplittin': Bon Voyage Andy!

Looks like the Vanderkitten ladies have been racing their Storcks (Napa Valley Crit and Southeast Women's Crit) and apparently winning on their Storcks as well! 1st place finishes in both. Kudos Kittens, kudos. The closest the Blog has come to a podium was a chess tournament in sixth grade. It was freaking intense.
Speaking of sixth grade intensity, Andy (Ole Rubber Sheets) Hale is prepping the Storck van for another adventure-filled tour across the country. He's also been busy putting the finishing touches on a few of the remaining Vanderkitten Storcks. Andy refused to provide details so I'm not sure when these bikes will be underneath the ladies. Maybe next week? Maybe at the Athens Twilight Crit? Who knows? You could ask Andy but your answer would come with a 15 minute preamble detailing his exploits at local toy/candy emporiums in search of his latest fix and that is the conversational equivalent of a full-blown trepanation. The Blog would prefer trepanning. Sorry Andy.

Oh Lord, almost forgot Andy insisted on having his civilian vehicle documented as it too is loaded with Storck goodness. Let's see, there's a road bike, a mountain bike and Andy's "beater/training bike" on the roof. Sadly, we liked Joshie's hitch rack offering better, his 99 Specialized single speed....

The ole Thule hitch rack burdened with Andy's bikes, each representing a child he will never sire

World's most obnoxious handlebar tape. Functionless and formless!!! Of course Andy needs it for his own bike...

Josh's ride resting comfortably on his Saris hitch rack (take that Andy). Look at that friggin' Thudbuster!!!! Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Random Storck reading about the Rebellion 1.1. Thanks for the knowledge dropping Dave G!


Spankye said...

poor joshie

Miss Jumper said...

Andy is my hero for his ability to irritate you. GAWD I'm jealous of that.
Also, UNC sucks.