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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hawley Employee Misses Podium: By A Whisker!

Hawley employee and local teenage gadfly Kyle McNamee raced the Cat 5 State Championships this past weekend in Chucktown (Charleston, SC to those of you not in the know). Looked like it was a big field with 30+ riders racing the always exciting horse track on the Citadel campus. While the course lacked wacky turns and even wackier amounts of danger, it did provide excellent spectating vantage points and an overall feeling of geometric symmetry for those with obsessive compulsive disorder or for those who study it at a subatomic level. Joshie said "I have never been so satisfied by a course in my entire life. This oval, it completes me in ways you can't possibly imagine" The Blog didn't attend as it had its own fish to fry but heard about it through the local singles want ads in the Free Times. Succinctly, Kyle played it safe, coming to the front once, tucking in nicely, saving energy and then being in the front half for the start of the sprint. Looks like he was nipped by a bike length for third but it's no big loss. The "medals" handed out afterwards were drugs wrapped in tin foil that had been smuggled into the country earlier that morning. The racers were arrested and summarily executed. The blood... it was everywhere. Little known fact: The mayor of Charleston is Singaporean. It's true, Wiki it.

In distribution news, Lizard Skins handlebar tape finally showed up! Take it from the Blog and Joshie (he experimented with the pink), this is the best tape we have in stock. Super grippy with just the right amount of padding. Could it be your tape for cyclocross season? I've been using the white tape and unlike most white tape, it hasn't stained (well, it stained but not as bad as some of the other white tapes that I've used: Cinelli, Sram, Bontrager, Bike Ribbon). Plus it's made by a "dirt" company so you don't have to feel like a roadie asking for it in your local shop. One negative is that it's made by a "dirt" company, so if you're a dealer, make sure you rub the tape all over the hands, face and thorax of a prospective tape customer so they too can experience the grippy plushness. For Skins sake!

Each package has a "sample" patch on the outside of the packaging! Ingenious!

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