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Monday, June 22, 2009

Canoe Help Me?

Oh the canoe, what a wondrous and useful invention. Some would say more so than the bicycle. The first one, constructed in the Netherlands was made back somewhere between 7500 and 8200 BC. Of course, Brantley would say he made them well before that to transport his cat urine moonshine. Unfortunately no-one besides him had a taste for it's salty goodness and it's history has since been reduced to mumbled legend since B-the rant-lee is the only passer of such knowledge. I have one of my own that I use in Native American reenactments. It is a Kevlar- birch bark hybrid that I carved straight out of a plastic tree.

I have tried many techniques for transporting my vessel over the years. This was one of first vehicles that I made from washing machine and a tandem recumbent. I spent so much time fighting off the ladies, that I had to sell it for something less flashy.

My most recent version is by far the most thought out and pleasing to the eye. I spared no expense, using only the finest pieces of untreated pine 2x4 for that rustic,"I don't care about money." look.

Here, you can see the side profile. When I look at it from this angle, I cannot help but think how even a time trial cyclist would appreciate such a low profile and sleek airflow. Notice the dimpled wheels and bug-flector to further reduce drag. If only Kenny and his windsock of a "gross-bike" wasn't holding me back. I could have been pulling negative drag.

On a completely off subject note, I came across an old picture of sweet Micheal "skeered" Bronson as a younger lad just after he graduated high school. So glad he grew out of them ears.

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The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

the resemblance is uncanny