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Friday, June 05, 2009


(Back that thing up! Hoo ah! Remember Juvenile? Anyone? [crickets])
... belongs to Jason from shipping! It's a super stealth Soma track frame with all the fixin's! Yummers! The Blog has seen Jason rolling around town on a few occasions but folk on Fixies don't associate with folk on 24 Inch BMX crusiers with homemade sidecars and with good reason. I would've shivved him for his grocery bag full of ginger beer and tin foil. Trust no one Jason, not even your old trustworthy friend, The Blog. But seriously, all random shivving aside, Jason's use of Sram Red TT Brake levers was a stroke of genius! They look good and they might be useful for applying the brakes. God speed lil' whipper snapper! Have fun rampaging around Cola this weekend! I hope I don't see you riding this fella at tonight's alley cat WITHOUT a helmet or it's no TV and no internet for a week!

Guzizzah! Soma pedals look ready for some skidmarks! And maybe for making skidmarks!

Awww, Princeton Tec headlight! No battery pack and plenty of output makes for a super-safe night time ride or a not so super-safe cave exploration that ends with everybody getting eating by blind cannibal troglodytes!:)

TT brake lever!

Bye bye Soma! See you later!


spokejunky said...

Very nice, but why hate on the Trek?

Spiritof76 said...

The Sram Red TT Brake Levers on an urban pursuit bar are indeed a nice touch to this logoless Soma singlespeed. Bombing through town, down dark alleyways at night they must look like the blood soaked red fangs of a giant tarantula. My next build will definitely contain this beautiful aesthetic.