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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Left Coast Storck Radicalism Seeks Same For Fun And Adventure, No Weirdos.

"Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past From The Future"

This morning, The Blog found himself in conversation with M. Bronson and Colin about how the Vicious Cycles logo (that was on my coffee mug) vaguely resembles the Misfits skull logo. I don't see it but Bronson and Colin see the similarities. The conversation then turned to Danzig and then to the several websites floating in the cyberspace ether that pit Henry Rollins against Glenn Danzig. It's no contest. Not even a fair fight really. Upon extricating myself from this blatherfest, I sat down at the computer and discovered former Hawley stooge and bona fide man-child weirdo Brandon Caskey had infected my inbox (whoa) with this disease-riddled nugget of Storckism from the greater Lake Tahoe region. Talk about a blatherfest, straight from the Queen City Pretty Boy's pen:

dearest bloggie -
i do hate that this news is traveling to you later than sooner, but news at any time will suffice i suppose. you will find in the attached photos of a Storck 0.7 IS owned by none other than my friend and infamous rider in the tahoe area, Reve. he purchased it through the Bike Nut (which normally has umlauts over the U, but this keyboard isn't german) in SF. these photos are from the Eastern Sierra Double Century we did a few weeks ago - in which we (reve, bruce and myself) tied for 3 place, if you don't mind me patting the proverbial back. no doubt he is enjoying the bike and i suppose it goes without saying that am highly jealous of such a machine. it weighs 11 pounds, and is VERY ridable.


also of note, one of your NC customers and dealers - Bicycles East - was kind enough to kit me for the event. kind chaps indeed!

i thought you might find this of interest as to aid in your spreading the Storck gospel. carry on, good sir.
- b

(See what I mean? He can't be bothered to use his shift key unless absolutely necessary. Get a haircut you hippy! These colors don't run!)


dicky said...

Long live umlauts!!!!!

spokejunky said...

No contest...Rollins has played a bodyguard in Heat and has his own talk show. Wait did you say Danzig or Oprah?

dwight yoakam said...

the blog gets fan mail? damn, i'm impressed

Spiritof76 said...

A complete stranger came up to me last week and told me I looked like Glenn Danzig.. makes sense.. only one problem.. im 6 ft 4 and he is 4 ft 6