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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Coming Soon...

...Lunch hour PING PONG TOURNAMENT. Invitation-only. Double Elimination. No holds barred. No jacket required. No respect for pong-fakerz. Come strong or don't come at all. Desperately seeking Chinese immigrants for the doubles bracket. BYOPPP (Bring Your Own Ping Pong Paddle)

Special Thanks to master carpenters Harold and Mike for building some legs for the table. Anybody got a net, paddles and ping pong ball? Wouldn't mind having one of those sweet super short shorts and polo shirt ping pong kits you always see in the Olympics. It's all about mind games when the pong gauntlet is thrown down, and nothing gets into your opponent's head like the potential for accidental (wink wink) groinal exposure during an overhead forehand slam.

1 comment:

Snacks said...

More like pong NEEDS.