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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Maul Rat


The Blog was supposed to write about the Blue and Red Sugino track cranks we just got in and its correlation to Jerry's (receiving) ping pong prowess. However, Lil' E up at Cane Creek slipped this nugget of joy into my inbox this morning. Pretty sure it has spread like wild fire across the interwebular threads as nothing captures the public's attention like a good ole fashioned child mauling... But a child mauling by bicycle is an even rarer occurance! Both child and cyclist escaped relatively unharmed, unlike child maulings of yore where the fatality rate was around 100 percent, but then again, a velocipede impacting a scurvy-stricken, wharf rat of an orphan was never a fair fight, but oh how it did entertain! That is all gentle reader...


Anonymous Florida sales rep said...

Is that truly a child mauling or just the regular ol hipster on hipster crime that we see on the local news every night?

Anonymous said...

Fat Kids!!

Snacks said...

I was there! That kid got what was coming to him. Look both ways before you cross, kiddo.