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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Straight Outta Connex!

Well no, we actually have lots of Connex chains in stock contrary to the titular old school rap pun/allusion. Perhaps a 10S-1 or a 908 strikes your fancy? No? How about a 1Z1 Anti-Rust Track chain? Meh, I tried. Can't blame a fella for tryin'. Heck, took me close to ten minutes to come up with "Straight Outta Connex". Better than the "French Connextion", "Hairy Connex Jr" (incomprehensible), my shout out to Chuck Woolery: "Love Connex? Shun!", its NAFTA counterpart "Connexico", its pornographic subsidiary "Connex Rated", Spike Lee movie subject "Malcolm Connex", its board game rip-off "Connex Four", its reading tutorial "Hooked On Connex" and finally, "Conneczema" which is just gross.

(The preceding equation derives as its answer a bass fishing book written by Chuck Woolery. Yes, it exists and yes, you'll be landing the bucket mouths by the boatload after reading it)

1 comment:

springer said...

strong equation....strong...