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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hawley Harbison Group Ride: We're Not WORTHY!

(Jeremy's new Niner and Michael's not-so-new Trek with new WTB saddle in the bike corral)

(Jose is now sporting the Avid Elixir CR brakes as well what appears to be some new Ruffians. Ain't gonna help none)

Jeremy, Kyle, Sweet Joshie, Jose, M Bronson, Ole Bloggy and Old Man (up for debate, well the man part. How about old person?) Brantley are having a chill lil' group ride at Harbison State Forest after work if anybody wants to join in. We'll be straggling in around 6:00 PM and riding soon after that. Come listen to the wonder that is the Blog's mysterious rotor/caliper creak. Then after you listen to it, fix it! A bright, shiny coin to the individual who solves the mystery. Here is a rough map of the ride route. Acquaint thyself:

Oh yes, one more thing. We received white ZTR Flow rims into stock... but for how long??? Also, here are three links to be viewed at your leisure. That is all:

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