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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hubba Hubba!

(Hobo Symbology Guide)
Riding around town is always full of surprises. Whether it's a decaying squirrel carcass hidden beneath a brown paper bag in the middle of Assembly street that you run over by accident only to discover bright red squirrel gore splattered on the downtube of your bicycle or the traffic light at the corner of Millwood and Woodrow has malfucntioned and is showing green for both directions, you can be sure to expect the unexpected if not tons of squirrel corpses. Yesterday's ride was no exception as I came across two strange items (in addition to squirrel corpses) of interest and note. First, a giant slab of marble countertop resting on the sidewalk on Sumter street near the bus station. It was approximately 18 feet long about seven feet tall. Scrawled on it like a remnant of hobo symbology was this:

After debating the meaning and intent of the pictogram, The Blog rolled down Main Street, frantically waving at slack jawed touristas and giving words of encouragement to hobos sifting though the flotsam and jetsam of weekend revelry. Outside a local watering hole whose relation to anti-Jacksonian legislative branch authority is well-known in these parts, a familiar frame was spied locked to a trash bin. Upon closer inspection, it seems the ride's owner had ponied up for a new set of Dura Ace hubs! Zounds! And to think the young lad or lass left these hubs out overnight, possibly longer than that inviting all sorts of sticky fingered CHUDs to abscond with the flangular foci.

Methinks that is a Salsa post as well, but I can't be one hundred percent certain!


Emily said...

Those giant slabs are cropping up on Sumter regularly these days, mysterious in both origin and meaning. I'm waiting for a group of cavemen to start gathering around one of them and throw a bone into the air.

MM said...

Waste of hubs...

Oh, and the pictogram looks to be the layout for the kitchen with the square in the big portion being the sink placement. Oh, and it's granite...