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Thursday, June 04, 2009

David Byrne Baby Byrne!

David Byrne has never been played on the Blog's hi-fi, but his advocacy resume, for a celebrity, is quite stellar. Whether it's designing quasi-functional bicycle parking racks or wearing garish colored sports coats at public functions, the man exudes a certain je ne sais quoi to his advocating. Now it appears he's gotten into the literary review game, this time writing about Jeff Mapes' "Pedaling Revolution".

The Blog agrees with most of what Byrnes has to say about "Pedaling Revolution" but wonders why it took 2 months to get the review published. I mean seriously, how many Soho gallery openings can a man go to? Just in case you're wondering who or why (for all of our philosophy major readers) Jeff Mapes is, he is a political columnist for The Oregonian and a serious student of the modern cycling landscape. Acquaint thyself. Drop knowledge instead of bombs! By the way, check out what The Blog had for lunch, gratis free baby!


spokejunky said...

That and some Grilled Asparagus Jelly Belly beans will be a long visit to the porcelain portal in the evening.

dwight yoakam said...

nice to see david byrne gettin some respect on the ole blog. 'look into the eyeball' is in my all time top ten for sure.

Spiritof76 said...

If there is anything I have learned from Mr Byrne it is we all need to stop making sense.

Anonymous said...

What happend to Cindy Sherman's eye?