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Monday, June 08, 2009

Road Warriors: Josh Beats Kyle! Josh Beats Kyle! Josh Owns Kyle!

Good afternoon gentle reader! The Blog hopes you had a restful weekend of lawn bowling and titter-stifling upon hearing bawdy tales of the mysterious Orient! The Blog's autocoach transmission had a case of performance anxiety and any plans of leaving town for racing was nixed. Luckily, fellow Hawley employees Josh and Kyle carried the Hawley banner of mild competitiveness to the Lowcountry Challenge (TT,Crit and RR)! Kyle signed up for the Omnium while Josh opted for the crit. Spirits were high, as was the prospect for rain! It rained before the crit which morphed into a gully-washer for Sunday''s road race. Curse you capricious coastal weather patterns! A pox on your family! A pox I say! Joshie ended up besting Kyle in the crit after the youngster dropped his chain as the sprint started up. Egads! The Blog pocketed a modest sum after a side wager, but Kyle's mishap may have cost him an Omnium podium spot. Or perhaps it was his inexplicable desire to unclip at the turn around point during the time trial in order to berate a volunteer for his "cap cocked at too jaunty of an angle when amongst the company of women and children". A brief flogging of the transgressor and Kyle's TT hopes had been dashed, like Gen. Augustine Prevost's hopes of capturing Port Royal Island during the Revolutionary War. You've done it again General Moultrie! Commence with the visual documention!

Kyle relieves himself while warming up before the crit. Eric texts Kyle: "You're off the team"

Best TT helmet ever!
Hey there Cycle Center rider! Are you from Columbia? Do you have my wallet???
Ole Sad Sack McGee. Cheer up fella, you're in the top 3!...... Just kiddin' :)
Post-pain face.
Thanks to Kelly Baisley of Asheville, NC for the photographs.

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