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Friday, June 26, 2009

Dachsund Baby

Heavy hearts yesterday after Brantley sent this link about a down-but-not-out cyclist friend of The Hawley Company who was hit. Get well soon Todd! We shall save you a spot in the ping pong tournament, but you will still have to pay the outrageously high entry fee. Pay close attention to some of the comments pertaining to the article. There are a few "gems", but for the most part, the readers side with the cyclist, contrary to some our local readers.

In more uplifting news, Florida outside sales rep supremo Bruce graced the purchasing office with his pet Dachshund. He was a nice pooch and since The Blog didn't catch his name, a culturally appropriate one shall be provided: Wolfgang. Bruce decided to visit at lunch time, which was not smart as Brad in shipping was out of wieners but had a surplus of hot dog buns. I saw him peering around the corner rubbing his hands as Wolfgang trotted by. Not today dog eater, not on The Blog's watch! Trust no one Wolfgang. The Blog hopes everyone has a restful weekend. I shall be somewhere in Asheville on a nasty 70+ dirt road ride testing the limits of my Khamsins (still the most bang for your Campy buck) and my precious Okole chamois cream, then it's US versus Brazil on Sunday. And you shall know us by the trail of the dead (Brazilians)....Wolfgang's favorite Yugoslavian Mountain Hound insult comedian at his best...

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