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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tender, Meaty, Delicious Blog Morsels

Ole Bloggy tagged along with Joshie to the Tuesday Night Crit race after work. I thought about doing a couple laps on the Rock Lobster, but after a few warm up laps with Joshie, discretion became the better part of valor and I decided against a random act of stupidity and rode home. Maybe next time! Just kidding. I'll leave the road racing-ing to the serious road fellows with their finely waxed handlebar mustaches and excellent table manners. My hasty exit was a good call as Joshie said the ride/race was "upbeat and spirited" if not somewhat fast. I saw a few Palmetto Velo guys out there in addition to a few Harrells riders and a lone Outspokin'-er, twirling their mustaches and rubbing their hands in gleeful anticipation of the suffer fest. Pure evil! Joshie said he felt good and hopes to break Palmetto Velo's 18 month win streak sometime in the near future! That kid's got moxy!

Other big news, which most folk know about (except for the always-out-of-the-loop Blog), pertains to Augusta, Georgia playing host to the 2010 IMBA World Mountain Bike Summit! Lots of talks, workshops, parties and a "catered tour of the Forks Area Trail System". Let's hope it doesn't rain. I used to play a lot of gigs in Augusta and for a small town on a river founded by saltwater-hating Hugenots in the 12th cenutry, it's got a lot to offer in terms of reasonable parking options and competitively-priced dining establishments. Other than that, I have no idea what sort of carpet the city plans to roll out to IMBA delegates. Perhaps red?

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