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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back In The Game! 2010 Begins Anew!

2010's motto was supposed to be "No Survivors" but after The Blog ripped a hole in his knee on the 2nd of january, the motto turned to "I Might Not Survive". Then it turned to "I Need To Listen To More SURVIVOR" and then several other mottos. Well guess what, my gentle unwashed rabble, The Blog is back for 2010 and as of the 19th, we're jumping in the time machine and going back to reclaim the 2010 motto: NO SURVIVORS! First step in this endeavor is getting back to riding the ole bike to work. Catalog production killed The Blog, sapping its strength and willpower but now that it's behind us, time to get back on the streets and spread the good commuting word. Today's ride into work was indeed cathartic. The Blog is out of shape. Desperately out of shape! But it's OK because the knee is rideable and as of right now, that's all that matters.

Holy moley! Look at all those folks who rode Storcks into work!
Bonk Breakers, circa 1984:

By the way, this is huge news for us. We have, as of TWO hours ago, received the first shipment of BONK BREAKERS for 2010. In an attempt to avoid hyperbole, The Blog can only say that these are the best energy bars of all time. The Blog has tried them all but these are hands down the best energy bars to come down the pipe in a long time! Sure Clif is a nice standby but Bonk Breaker makes Clif Bar taste like Grandpa's dentures soaking in prune juice. They come in Peanut Butter and Jelly, Peanut Butter and Banana and The Blog's favorite Peanut Butter and Chcoclate Chip. GAAAAAAAAH!!!!

Eating a Bonk Breaker while looking at Bonk Breakers in the 2010 catalog. Is this what it's like, when doves cry?

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