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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Afternoon Shivings

Kermit the Frog shivs John Denver during a taping of "The Dick Cavett Show" in 1977. And much like Kermit's remorseless assault on the beloved folk crooner, Racheal Kefalos of the PCC has once again viciously assaulted The Blog's inbox with some extremely salient cycling news. To put it bluntly (Cypress Hill 10" EP), South Carolina stinks at Bicycle and Pedestrian safety investment. Hawley is a proud member of the Alliance for Biking and Walking and would be remiss if we didn't publish this embarrassing indictment. We can do better than this people! The link takes you to a very informative factsheet. Excellent work again Racheal!

In equally scary news, IRD has started shipping us their colorful threaded headsets for no good reason. George went a little nutty and our receiving area looks like Godzilla vomited up 6 tons of Skittles. Raaaarrr!


RachaelK said...

Your ass is grass, Ken Klatte. This means war.

brado1 said...

SC needs some serious help!

Get Busy Rachael :) btw you're doin' a great job


RachaelK said...

Hey Brad! Yep, we sure do have our work cut out for ourselves. Thanks for the recent donation from Upstate SORBA! And while you're at it, teach Ken how to spell my name.