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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

S'now Problem

Hello there! Have you seen my new cake decorator? You're darn right I'm nuts!So it looks like Mr Freeze heard that we were rolling up to Bennett's gap. I had heard that he found a stash of diamonds (chill pills) in Brantley's mountain cabin, which is actually a port-o-john and an abandoned GMC blazer, without the wheels, hidden in Pisgah. So we went up to make fun of his out-dated pressure suit and Orbea mountain bike that he purchased from Hawley's own Tony "King Pong" Zanca for a bag of Eukanuba and a bacon flavored piece of rope.

We must have been close. The trails were getting icy. I could already taste the pure joy of insulting "Ole Blue". Balls of ice littered the road. To anyone in the know, bioluminescent "ice-borgs" leave droppings that resemble round ice cubes. It smelled and tasted fresh.

"The sun'll come out, tooooomorrow! Betcha bottom dollar that, tomorrroooooow...."

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