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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bon Voyage Day Day! We Look Forward To Looting Your Office

Artist's rendition of "The Looting Of Dave Carson's Office, 2010"Much like Frodo, Gandalf and the weird looking Elf dude that creeped out an entire movie-going populace at the conclusion of "The Lord Of Rings" trilogy, the Hawley Company's Dave Carson was summoned by greater powers (sheriff's department), packed up his rucksack (fanny pack) with a few bobbles and trinkets ("Cat Fancy" back issues, Dapper Dan mustache wax, 357 magnum), gave half a dozen tear-filled goodbyes and rage-filled final diatribes (pertaining to the unopenability of PDF files) and headed back to the watery climes of Seattle where he originally came from.

Little known Dave Carson factoid: mentored Supersonics shooting guard Dale Ellis from 1992-1994.
The Blog has already spotlighted Dave's departure in previous posts, but this final goodbye, a last hoorah if you will, featured his two wonderful cats; Ashley and Sushi! Ashley is 13 years old! She loves tuna, crawling into boxes and has been named executor of Dave's will. Sushi is a spunky two year old who is studying organic chemistry at Wake Forest. And yes Colin, SHE'S SINGLE, READY TO MINGLE and POSSIBLY BI-LINGUAL.

The aforementioned Sushi in all of her co-ed glory, COLIN TICE! Now when you Google search "Colin Tice", his name will be grouped with some most unsavory sites. How prurient! Or should we say "purrr-rient"????

The flop-eared Ashley looks plain miserable. Here she is, the executor of a mad man's will and 1) she is illiterate 2) can't talk 3) is a cat 4) her Green Card has expired 5) is a cat

DAVE! ASHLEY! MUSTACHE! SKINNY LEATHER BELT! I dunno about you, but I got a hankerin' for some partyin'...

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Spankye said...

dave and his cat have an uncanny resemblance.