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Monday, January 18, 2010

Miscellaneous Debris

Mark LaLonde racing a bicycle, quickly.
Today's entry will have to be quick as The Blog dropped his ant farm in the sales office and it's pretty much Dresden Fire carnage all over again, only with ants instead of fire, and mild discomfort instead of carnage. Anyhoo, Planet Bike cross racer extraordinaire and sales guy Marko LaLonde came to Hawley Friday to show off the new Planet Bike goods. He was a good-natured lad and took Sandy's (Planet Bike purchaser and schnauzer lover) endless stream of obscenities in stride. He had lights galore but was also kind enough to hand out some wool Planet Bike socks from the creatively named Sock Guy (one of our vendors? Shaaaazbot). I didn't get a chance to thank Mark so now The Blog will do it: Thanks! OK, that was easy. Mark contributes to the Planet Bike blog so read it all the time. His bro-ham Jesse has a killer blog too. Lots of pics and pithy writing. Poifect. Not sure if these LaLondes are related to Larry LaLonde from Primus but it would make sense.

In other news, Rachel from PCC forwarded me this delightful little missive from IMBA. Seriously, get your perusal on: U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva's Fractured Take on Land Use

The Blog got all "seriously" with Ole Blue in the last couple weeks and purchased a few parts to compliment the lovely blue frame. First, a green Soma Late Riser bar (HDBR2261). It's powder-coated for your pleasure. It would look awesome with a white or cream frame, but with Ole Blue, it's downright revolting. Excellent. Keeping with the "taste the rainbow" motif, a purple KMC Z410 (CHAN10024) was added over the weekend to intensify the barf factor. New wheels are next in the parts queue, but what color? One brown Velocity deep V up front, one Teak deep V in the back???? Suggestions would be appreciated...


Magnum said...

Bro. Cut that bar down a bit!

spokejunky said...

An anodized Sugino crankset. And maybe a Hasselhof t-shirt.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

skinny bars are soooo October 2007. wide is the new black for 2011.