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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best Ensho

Brian Dennehy: completely powerless when it comes to anything not related to "Cocoon":

Well, we got our first shipment of Soma's Ensho *GLITTER* saddles (SD7020) today. Jeepers, they're loud. The Blog was thinking about putting one on Ole Blue or the Lobster but the *GLITTER* is almost too much. I don't want people wondering why Ziggy Stardust is racing cross. Worse yet, I don't want grizzled prospectors sniffing around my bike attracted by the lustrous *GLITTER* and the false promises of striking the motherload. They sicken me, with their pick axes, suspenders and Walter Brennan-esque speaking voices. Even with those concerns, The Blog has had a vision. A grim portent. The orange Ensho WILL be on the Lobster soon enough and there's nothing you, Brian Denehy or you can do about it.

In other exciting news, Josie was looking for a lightweight 29er tire of the 2.4 variety. We took it to the scales and let the numbers do the talking. This should be exciting. Opposite day! Zzzzzz

The Continental Mountain King weighs in at....

And now ladies and gentlemen, the Schwalbe Racing Ralph (TIRE7940)
(Wake me when it's over)

1 comment:

MM said...

Hmmm, the orange saddle might be interesting on the Salsa...

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