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Monday, January 25, 2010

Pretty Pictures and A Discussion Of Thin Lizzy's Trenchant Humor

While listening to I-Tunes this morning sipping my daily decaf anise-flavored frappachino, The Blog came to the conclusion that only a band like Thin Lizzy could be so audacious, so brazen, so impish, so Irish and write a song called "The Rocker" which doesn't even come CLOSE to rocking. There The Blog was, headphones on, freshly spat out frappachino coating the computer screen, listening in disbelief to a song so mellow, but so bouyant and whimsical that it should've been named "Grandpa's Afternoon Nap" or "Fleece Blanket Cuddle-Thon". But "The Rocker"? Post-modern rock and roll joke played on all of us by the BEST band ever to come from Ireland. Chutzpah! And no, U2 are NOT the best band from Ireland. They're not even top five you philistines! First, as previously mentioned, is Thin Lizzy. Second, The Undertones. Third, Ash. Fourth, The Cranberries (?!). Fifth, The Boomtown Rats. Sixth, House Of Pain. Seventh, U2. Now you've got something to chew on. Other things to chew on, click on the new Hawley warehouse blueprint to explore a fairly nutty illustration by my main man in Scandinavia. After that, click on the blueprint of the bike house to see more pictures of the bike house. It's a bike, and a house!

1 comment:

Spiritof76 said...

I wonder what Thin Lizzy's guitar gunslinger and left hand man Scott Gorham would have to say about this blog...?